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Process Management

We work with innovative methodologies to ensure that the entire reformatting process is done from start to finish as planned.



We will need to some information about your Amazon account, shipping preference etc. This requirements only once.



We receive the inventory from sellers



Inspect it detailed



Label all products



Do bundling, and forward them to Amazon warehouses through efficient shipping services.

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Being one of the best prep centers we provide high ends services to our customers. We receive your inventory and handle everything from loading to unloading, checking the weight and size of the container or pellet and managing accordingly.
20-Foot Container $300
40 Foot Container $500
45-Foot Container $575


We do every inch inspections of the received inventory and figure out if there is an issue with the units. One who wants more extensive checking will get images of the goods. This will help you to identify If the received inventory has defective products. What we do is, check every piece one by one and make a detailed inspection report of your inventory. It will charge more fees but save your business reputation.

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Amazon seeks an FNSKU label before keeping the inventory in its FBA warehouses. This label provides a unique identity to every product and helps Amazon to find out the unit belongs to which seller. If you don't provide the FNSKU label to your inventory it may be rejected by Amazon and sent back from the FBA warehouse. We label your products according to the guidelines of Amazon and double-check every unit must have an FNSKU label.

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Keeping the inventory in the FBA warehouse well organized will provide quick deliveries to the customers. We make ready the inventory by bundling the units and again wrapping up them. Once more time, we do labeling here on every bundle that makes it easy for Amazon to manage the inventory. We are also happy to work on your packaging requirements.

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We offer all of our client's free storage for 14 days from the day the Amazon Shipment arrives at our warehouse. Following the 14 days we offer the fixed rate for inventory that will be stored in our warehouse.


In forwarding, we ship the properly labeled, bundled inventory to the FBA warehouse through different Amazon Partnered Carriers. These are quick services that can send your shipment to the Amazon warehouse in just 2 days.

The two best shipping carriers are LTL and SPD.

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