Pricing Table

Box Forwarding

  • Receiving Fee : $3.75
    (Per Carton)
  • Forwarding Fee : $3.75
    (Per Carton)

In this forwarding, there is no prep work involved and we will don't do any inspection. When we receive the box, it will be forwarded to the Amazon warehouse after giving a shipping label. For this, we use a UPS shipping service that takes your box directly to Amazon. As the box is not stored in our prep center.

Freight Forwarding

  • Receiving : $25.00
  • Forwarding : $25.00

Freight forwarding is the process of sending goods internationally through route, train, air, and marine. We also receive pallets from inventory manufacturers and freight forwards them to the Amazon warehouses. There is no prep work included in this service, and we will not do any type of inspection. If you hire us for making pallets, then $20 will be charged per pallet for its making, and giving labels. We will charge a fee according to the size of the container, if it is big you have to pay more. On the other hand, if we receive the shipment on FBA-compliant pallets we will charge a forwarding fee for pallets. The container unloading fees are given below:

  • 45-Foot Container $575
  • 40 Foot Container $500
  • 20 Foot Container $300


  • Additional $0.20 cents per item for inventory counting ,auditing and creating shipment plan.

It includes the proper inspection of the box, if the good inside it is damaged it will return to the owner. We will charge an extra $0.20 cents/ item for making a shipment plan and scrutinizing the whole inventory. The boxes will be labeled and sent directly to Amazon through UPS.

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Other Features

Wholesale / Retail Arbitrage

Are you a wholesaler buying bulk products directly from a manufacturer to sell or retailer on Amazon? We've got you covered. We will ensure that your products are prepared according to Amazon's FBA requirements and sent to their warehouses for sales fulfillment.

Fulfilled Orders (FBM)

FBM means Fulfilled by Merchant. With FBM, the seller lists the product on Amazon, ebay, Etsy or their own online store and handles storage and all aspects of order fulfillment. This works well unless you sell a lot of products.

Shoe / Clothing

NO Contracts | NO Hidden Fees

This saves an average of 8.5% for wholesale orders. Volume discounts are available for clients above 10000 items. Please contact us for a customized quote

FBA Returns

Processing Returns:

  • Receiving returns
  • Product Status Report
  • Photos
  • Completing returns if missing or damaged products
  • In case of damage to the box we will replace it with ours for an additional charge
  • Returning goods to Amazon FBA
  • Removal and putting on new FNSKU


Storage rates at Amazon are skyrocketing! Store the majority of your Amazon FBA inventory with us, then ship into the Amazon warehouse as needed to replenish your inventory. And, our storage rates do not change in Q4 as Amazon's does. Our storage rates are the same for all 12 months of the year, and we do not charge extra for long term storage.

Additional Services

There are some other features we can provide for you.

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