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Through an innovative inventory management system we are able to guarantee the monitoring of the entire process in real time.

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Logistics Solutions Structured

We develop operational strategies with the customer to improve logistical efficiency.


No sign-up fees. No monthly fees.

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Amazon wants to have their inventory as close to their customers as possible and %65 of their buyers are in the Eastern States. Our %99 of shipments are assigned to fulfillment center in NJ that will save you money at inbound shipping costs.


We have the knowledge and process in place to obtain the highest accuracy. Problem-free process is %99


Our top priority is getting your products to Amazon warehouses as quickly as possible.


We make everything as simple as possible for quick and efficient services.


We let you know what is going on every step of the way. Accessibility is %95

Ongoing Support

We have knowledgable support staff members that are easy to reach anytime. Online support time is %99

About the network

PrepDepot CENTER

We provide Amazon FBA Prep, Merchant Fulfillment, and Storage Services to clients selling products on Amazon or through the eCommerce market. Our area of focus is helping Amazon companies grow by handling the fulfillment side of the business. We have been doing FBA and merchant fulfillment for a while, and are familiar with Amazon's guidelines and policies. We are also able to help with bringing products from overseas to our warehouses. With many years of e-commerce experience on Ebay, Shopify, Etsy, and Amazon we understand the hassle that prepping and shipping can be. We set out to help sellers to get more time back in their day by taking the stress out of prepping and shipping items to Amazon FBA.

Grow your business by spending more time on what makes you money, purchasing, and expansion. Let us deal with the shipping hassles. We love nothing more than hearing from our customers about how much more time they have been able to spend sourcing items to grow their business or creating memories with their families. We hope that we can help you too!

Full Integration

We can have full integration with your marketplace accounts to fulfill your orders simultaneously.

Smart Warehouse

In order to fulfill your orders on time, we are managing our warehouse smartly, with the help of technology.

100% Accuracy

Our clients can keep the tracking of their orders and inventory with %100 accuracy.

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